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♥but when i say 'lets keep in touch',i really mean, i wish you'd grow up

..*Heather Marie*..
24 June
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Hey. Im a random lil' asian chick.. I've been told im everything, from beautiful to a complete and total bitch. Isn't that amazing? so i'll let you decide, whatever, its not like i care & haven't been called it before. haha. i firmly stand up for what i believe in and let no one talk me down. i have a voice and im not afraid to state my opinion. i try to be nice but sometimes all that does is get me in trouble. i have enough confidence in myself to not care what people think and love the surprised looks i get from people when i state my opinion, but sometimes i do let the smaller things get to me, but it happens. im not that much of a bitch[i think]. I like polkadots,music,laughing, shopping, but at the most, learning to enjoy life. im absolutely in love with my boyfriend of 2 years, Anthony. he's a complete and total dork, but he makes me happy.he's totally got my heart and won me over just by being himself. he's my best friend and one of the people who know me [almost] better than i know myself. I try to live life up to the fullest because i've almost lost my life a few times. no joke. shit. enough about me. why dont you figure the rest out?

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